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Available for creators using Patreon Pro and Premium; Exit surveys offer insights into why a member has canceled their membership. 

Below you’ll find what the exit survey shows like for members and where you can find the survey results in your creator dashboard.

This article also includes: frequently asked questions about exit surveys

If a member cancels their membership, they'll have the opportunity to provide a reason for the cancellation. Listed below are the current exit survey options: 

  • I was overcharged
  • I'm not happy with Patreon's features or services
  • I only became a member to receive a specific benefit and now I've got it
  • It was too hard to find or access my benefits/rewards
  • I only intended to give [CREATOR] a specific amount of money and now I have
  • [CREATOR] wasn't as active as I expected
  • I didn't like the benefits/rewards that I received from [CREATOR]
  • I didn't receive the benefits/rewards described on [CREATOR]'s Patreon page
  • My financial situation changed
  • Some other reason — members can further explain in a text field
When a members completes the exit survey, their responses will be available on your Exit Surveys page. Feedback is anonymous, so you won't know which members provided the input. The survey results will include the date the survey was completed, along with the deleted membership amount, the selected reasons, and feedback. You can download your survey results as a .csv for your records. 

More information about exit surveys 

  • Exit Surveys are optional. Members can skip the survey if they prefer.
  • Exit surveys are anonymous, so members can freely share the reason(s) for canceling their membership.
  • Cancellations happen — it’s a natural part of membership businesses. That said, our Product team is constantly working to help creators get and keep members


What can I do to keep members from canceling?

One way is by polling your members. Polls are a great way to source feedback. 

Is it possible to find out who filled out a specific survey? 

Surveys are anonymous.

Can I message them? 

While you’re unable to find the member who left specific feedback in the survey, you do have the opportunity to message members who have deleted their membership. Here’s how you can message multiple members.

Can I add a custom message? 

The reasons listed on the exit surveys cannot be edited or customized. 

Am I notified when someone fills out an exit survey? 

We don't send notifications for completed exit surveys, but you can always check the Exit Survey page to review the most recent submissions. 

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