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You can find members' payment history details within a few clicks in your Audience Relationship Manager. In your relationship manager, you can see members' join date, membership changes, or if they've declined. This information is available on desktop and mobile web, but not on our iOS and Android apps currently.

Please note that while these examples are in US Dollar ($), your account will show payments in your selected currency. To find a list of supported currencies, please visit this guide here

How do I find the payment history of a member?

Follow the steps below to find any member’s history:
  1. While logged in to your creator profile, click on the Audience link from the left sidebar navigation
  2. You'll land on your Audience Relationship Manager
  3. If you know which member's history you’d like to review, you can search for their profile name in the search bar. Alternatively, you can filter your list down by:
    • Status: You can choose to find Active members, Free members, Former members, and members whose cards have been Declined
    • Tiers: This shows you the tier a member is in. You can choose to filter for all members that chose No tier, or members in any of your paid tiers
    • Pledge amount: You can filter which members you’d like to view based on the amount they pay
    • Join date: You can filter by Paid, Refunded, Declined, or members that have been marked for Fraud. (learn more about members marked as Fraud here
    • Charge Frequency: If you have annual members, you will have an added filter in your to filter members by Charge frequency. In the pledge column of the page, you’ll be able to find members’ charge frequency “per month” for monthly memberships, and “per year” for annual membership members. Additionally, the CSV file will include a charge frequency column on the spreadsheet. Learn more about how the annual membership beta works in our article
  4. Click on any member’s name to pull up their profile details on the right-hand side of your manager
  5. Click on See all payment history at the bottom right of the page, in their Payment history section
  6. A window will populate with the members’ complete payment history. This history will include any changes to their Tier or payment amount. Learn more about what each Status means here

How do I read my members’ payment history? 

Each entry in your members’ payment history represents a processed payment or a change to their membership. Below, you’ll find what each column means: 


The date shown in the far left column indicates when a payment or membership change took place. 


If you have paid tier options, you’ll find the Tier your member was in during each event. If you find a Custom pledge this means that your member was not in one of your Tiers when they signed up or changed to that at some point. 


In the Amount column, you’ll find the amount that a member was billed. If you are in our annual memberships beta, you’ll also be able to identify monthly membership members from per year memberships. Learn more about managing annual members in this article


The status column lets you know if a payment was successful or not. Here’s a breakdown of what the status of a member’s payment history means:
  • Paid: This means the payment was successful
  • Declined: This means the card was declined by the members’ bank. Learn more about declines here 
  • Upgraded: The member has successfully increased their payment amount or tier level
  • Downgraded: The member has successfully decreased their payment amount or tier level
  • Deleted: This means that the member deleted their membership 
  • Repledged: This means they’ve become your member again
  • Refunded: This means that a particular bill has been refunded. You can find a full list of every refund initiated on your account, by heading to the Refunds page of your Income section
  • Tier deleted: When you’ve removed a Tier from your page. When you delete a Tier, it doesn’t delete a member’s payment, so be sure to communicate the change with members ahead of time. Learn more about retiring a Tier in this article
If you charge members upfront, an Upgraded status means that the member has successfully paid that amount. 

What does a declined bill mean? 

When you find a bill entry listed as Declined, it indicates that our attempt to process that bill was declined by the member’s bank. There are a variety of reasons why a member’s bank might decline a payment – most often it is not malicious, and the member can resolve the issue by contacting their bank directly.
Here are a few common reasons why members’ payments might decline: 
  • If the member’s credit card details are outdated – if a member gets a new card with a new CVV, or expiration date, this will cause the payment to decline. 
  • If the member is attempting to use a prepaid “gift” card — we currently don’t support prepaid cards. 
  • PayPal declines - the member may need to update their payment details with their PayPal wallet. If a member has revoked access, or their bank does not permit the purchase, they may need to add a new funding method to their PayPal wallet. 


Why are there gaps in my members’ payment history? 

  • Did you take a break? 
    If you’ve taken a break from charging your members by pausing payments you’ll find members’ payment history skips over that month. 
  • The member may have paused their payment – this feature is now deprecated
    Prior to 2018, members could pause a month of payment. We deprecated this ability because we saw that members opted to extend their pause, and the intended purpose of giving members a break for a month wasn’t working. If you find gaps in a member’s payment history before 2018, this may be why. 
  • They may have canceled and then resubscribed
    You’ll find this denoted with “Deleted” and “Repledged” in the Status column. 
  • Do you offer members annual memberships?
  • If you are in our annual memberships beta, your members’ “Last charge date” will be the date that they joined. They won’t be charged again until the 1st of the month after 12 months have passed. If you are in our annual memberships beta, you can learn more about this in this article. 

Why is this information useful? 

As creators, having access to transparent and detailed payment history with your members is important. 

The details in a member’s payment history will help in benefits delivery, particularly if you charge your members per creation as it lets you know exactly which posts members are paying for. 

These details will also help you better understand member behavior. If you notice trends in Downgrades or Upgrades, this can serve as an opportunity to hone in on what content your members value most.

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