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If you’ve joined a creator’s Patreon who shares audio work, you may have access to a private audio RSS feed to listen to the creator’s work on the go. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, allows you to subscribe to a web feed that updates with audio files from the posts a creator publishes on Patreon.

If a creator has enabled our private RSS feature, this article will help you locate your RSS link, subscribe to it on a podcast app, and learn key details about using your private RSS feed. For troubleshooting issues with your private audio RSS, visit our troubleshooting guide.

How to locate and use your audio RSS

If private audio RSS has been enabled for your membership, you can locate your private RSS link in three places on your account:

Finding episodes once you subscribe

Each podcast app is different, but generally, you can find the episodes by searching for a section that says Episodes, Shows, or Library within the podcast app.

Key things to know about your private audio RSS

  • Do not share your private RSS link
    It is unique to your membership and contains an authorization token that links directly to your account. Please don’t share your private link with others unless you’ve received explicit permission from the creator.
  • Apps that share RSS feeds with other users are generally restricted from hosting our feeds, and many are blocked
    Your account may be blocked if the feed is found on another site.
  • Some apps do not support podcast authentication
    Learn more about which apps your private RSS will work with.
  • Some apps require creators to submit feeds themselves and may charge a fee
    These apps will not allow you to add your RSS feed because the Patreon creator cannot create a feed without authentication.
  • Video and text posts will not appear in your feed
    Additionally, audio link posts (like Soundcloud) will not appear in your RSS feed. You can access these types of media posts by visiting the creator’s Patreon.
  • Data fees from your phone company may apply when you download podcasts
    Many podcast apps have settings to limit the number of downloads per show, such as downloading only the three newest episodes. You may also set your app to download only over WiFi rather than using your phone's data connection. Please check the settings on your phone and the app you use for more information.

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