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In order to help creators grow their memberships globally, we’ll soon be giving patrons the ability to pay in any of our supported currencies regardless of the creator’s chosen currency. Please find below for documentation updates for both APIv1 and APIv2. For more information on Patreon's support currencies, please visit this help center article: Patreon's supported currencies



To ensure a seamless transition for developers using the Patreon API, we're improving documentation of the currency attribute in APIv1 which returns the patron’s pledge currency. Note that the currency attribute in APIv1 is returned on the pledge resource by default. For example, developers using APIv1 will find currency: GBP on a pledge resource for a patron pledging £5 (where GBP is the ISO currency code for the Pound sterling), along with existing pledge attributes like amount_cents: 500 and more.

Note that the pledge event resource in APIv2 already exposes currency_code which is the same as currency in APIv1. 

In addition to API documentation updates, we’re exposing a status attribute to the APIv1 pledge resource. Developers using APIv1 to restrict and/or grant access to benefits can now check if the status attribute is valid (i.e., status: valid) and reference the reward (tier) relationship to know if a patron’s successfully pledged to a tier, independent of patron and creator currency. This approach avoids the need to compare patron pledge amounts to the amount owed on a tier – and thus avoids the overhead of managing currency exchange rates. In practice, your APIv1 requests will be similar to the example below:
responding with:

The response includes the reward
 (creator tier) relationship. Note that status is an optional field that needs to be requested explicitly. Also note that default attributes aren’t returned if you request fields explicitly.


To gate access to benefits using APIv2, we recommend that developers use the Member resource. Developers can check patron_status and currently_entitled_tiers to restrict or grant access to benefits by tier, in a currency agnostic way. To access these attributes, your APIv2 request will populate as follows:
and result in a response similar to what’s shown below:
Note, deleted tiers aren’t returned in the currently_entitled_tiers relationship. Developers  on APIv2 that need access to patrons supporting deleted tiers can reference PledgeEvent to gate access to benefits. There is no APIv1 equivalent so developers should upgrade if access to deleted tier information is an important use case.
To summarize, if you use the  amount_cents on the Member,PledgeEvent or Pledge resources, the value returned is always in the patron’s currency, not the reward tier or campaign currency. The above updates give developers on both APIv1 and APIv2 the ability to grant access to creator benefits without worrying about currency differences between patron and creator. If you need help making the most of these recent updates, head to

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