How do I stop offering annual membership?

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We don’t recommend that you turn annual memberships off once it’s enabled. We suggest that you keep annual memberships turned on and set the discount percentage to 0%.

If you do need to opt-out of offering annual memberships, follow these instructions:

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the My Page button from the left sidebar navigation
  2. While on your page, click on the Page controls “…” button and go to Edit Page
  3. Click on the Getting paid link from the menu bar
  4. Scroll down and deselect the checkbox for annual memberships
  5. Click the Continue button to stop offering annual memberships
  6. Click on the Save changes button

What happens when I opt-out?

New patrons will only be able to subscribe on a monthly cadence. Patrons with an annual subscription can still pay annually for membership until they cancel; their memberships will auto-renew with the annual terms they joined.

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