Can I use PayPal on Patreon?

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How does PayPal work with Patreon?

You can authorise your PayPal account as your payment method for your Patreon memberships. When we process your payment(s), we’ll use your linked PayPal wallet funding source. 

PayPal requires an instant funding source for recurring subscriptions, such as Patreon memberships. However, they will always attempt to use your PayPal balance first. Only when there is not enough in your balance to cover a payment will PayPal use the funding source (e.g. a bank account or a credit card) you selected when going through the PayPal flow on Patreon.

Do I need a credit card to use PayPal with Patreon? 

You can link a credit card during the Patreon checkout process. You can also use a bank account as your funding source but you'll need to add it directly to your PayPal wallet. 

Will pre-paid cards work? 

A pre-paid or gift credit card is typically not accepted for recurring subscription payments. For this reason, we recommend using a credit card issued and linked to a bank account. 

How do I use a bank account? 

Our current PayPal flow does not allow for bank authorisation. If you’d like to use a bank account for your PayPal funding source, you can add your account directly to your PayPal wallet.

Here's how to add your bank account to your PayPal wallet: How do I add a bank to my PayPal account?

Once you’ve added your bank account to your PayPal wallet, you can add PayPal to Patreon and select your bank account during the authorisation process. 

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