Where do I find my billing history?

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This article will cover where you can find a list of all payments you’ve made to creators. Your billing history will include the bill processing date, the charge amount, and which creator received your payment.

To access your billing history:

  • Log in to your Patreon account and click the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation
  • From the menubar, click on More > Billing History

All past payments you’ve made to creators will be listed by month. View a past year by clicking on the drop-down menu near the top of the page and selecting the year you’d like to review.

In your billing history, you can also manually download receipts of your payments, including VAT breakdown (If applicable).

The initial receipt of your first charge will be sent by email, and after this, you can access these self-serve via your billing history settings:

To access your receipts:

  1. From the Billing History, find the charge you want a receipt for
  2. You will find a clickable link (the date) above Billing Details, where you can access the receipt for that particular charge

If you pledge to creators that bill in different currencies, your receipts will be grouped by currency. Please note that if your local bank currency is not the same as the creator's billing currency, this may show up as a converted amount on your bank statement.

Your bank should be able to provide you with the payment amount in both your local currency and the creator’s billing currency.

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