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You can review your monthly billing details by visiting your Billing History while logged in to your Patreon account.

The examples throughout this article are in US Dollar ($), however, it is possible that you could be billed in Euro (€) or British Pounds (£) depending on your billing currency. 

If you were charged more for your membership than you anticipated, it may be due to one of the following:


No monthly max for a per creation membership

Some creators are charging patrons “per paid post,” rather than a flat monthly membership amount. This means that you are charged your membership amount for each paid post the creator publishes in the month.

Example: If you joined at $5 USD per post with no monthly max set. If your creator makes 4 paid posts you’ll be billed for every paid post and your monthly bill total will be $20 USD. 

To ensure that you’re only ever charged the amount you’re comfortable paying, navigate over to your Active Memberships page, click the edit button where the creator is listed and enter a monthly max into the field shown.


You can find detailed steps to set up your monthly max, here


Declined payments from previous months

If you have a declined payment on your billing history, it’s important to note that we will continually attempt to charge you until the payment succeeds. Declined payments are not removed after a certain length of time. A retry can be triggered when you update your payment details, or if you attempt to re-pledge to a creator you had been declined with – we’ll retry your declined payment when you confirm your memberships summary details. 

We’ve created this guide to help you with retrying your declined payment: Steps to retry your declined payment


VAT (Value-Added Tax)

We are required to charge VAT (Value-Added Tax) to European patrons' payments. Your fee breakdown will be listed when you make a pledge. However, added VAT won't be reflected in your list of pledges on your homepage.

For more info on VAT, check out How does VAT work on Patreon?

Note: We charge your VAT based on the location you indicate in your Profile Settings page. If you've stated that you're located in Germany, we will add German VAT to all of your memberships. If you've not indicated your country of residence, we will use your IP address to identify your location and VAT eligibility. Ensuring that your country of residence in your Profile Settings page is up to date is the best way to ensure you are charged the proper VAT amount. 

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