How do I set a monthly max for my membership?

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When you become a member to a creator who is charging per-post, you have the option of setting a monthly limit to your payments. This prevents you from being charged more than you're comfortable with, if the creator makes several paid posts in a given month.

Please note that while these examples are in US Dollar ($), it is possible that you could be billed in any of our supported currencies, depending on the currency that the creator chooses to bill in. To find a list of supported currencies, please visit this guide here. 

This article will go over two ways that you can add a monthly limit:

Setting a limit when you first confirm your membership

After clicking Become a Member to a per-post creator and choosing your tier, you will be brought to a membership confirmation page where you can set a monthly limit:

  1. Select the I'd like to set a monthly limit button 
  2. Enter the maximum number of posts you'd like to support in a given month at your membership amount (e.g. 2 times per month at my $10 amount is a $20 max). This number indicates how many times you can be billed in a month, not the total monthly amount
  3. Click the Update button to confirm

You'll only ever be billed up to your monthly limit in a given month. 

Setting a monthly limit while your membership is already active

You can set up a monthly limit to your membership at any time. You can also edit or remove your monthly max if you'd like.

Follow the steps below to set a monthly limit after you’ve already confirmed your membership:

  1. Click the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Then click on the Active Memberships link from the menubar
  3. Click the Edit link for the membership
  4. On the following page, select the I'd like set a monthly limit button. In the field that appears, enter the maximum number of times you'd like to be billed in a given month. This number indicates how many times you can be billed in a month, not the total monthly amount 
  5. Click the Update button to save the change, and your monthly limit will be set up
Setting a monthly limit will not remove any already pending bills on your account. So if you’ve already been billed for a creator’s paid posts, setting a monthly max will not retroactively remove those pending bills. You can check your billing history for a breakdown of all bills created for your account. 

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