Why haven't I been charged yet?

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Only patrons of creators charging their patrons upfront, will have immediate charges. If you're unsure if your creator charges upfront, you can review your Billing History page - if you have a charge date that matches the "Supported Period" it indicates that your creator bills patrons upfront.

Patrons can expect to be charged on the 1st of each month (after 12 AM PT) for their pledges. It usually takes a full 24-48 hours for all payments to process, so it may take a few days from the start of the month.  You’ll receive an email that will indicate whether your payment was successfully processed or declined, alternatively, you can check your Billing History page for your payment status

We have three different billing options for creators to choose from. Learn more about the differences between our billing options to understand your billing schedule in this help article: When will I be charged?

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