How membership billing works

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If you are a paid member, your billing schedule depends on which billing model the creator has selected. With all of our billing options, members unlock membership access upon signup. 

Creators who meet eligibility criteria can also enable annual memberships. For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ section below.

Keep reading to learn more about the current payment models:

Please note that the images below do not show sales tax, which will be applied to a membership payment where applicable. Patreon is required by law to add sales tax (including VAT or other similar taxes) to some payments made by members. Learn more about Patreon’s sales tax requirements.

Subscription billing

If a creator has subscription billing enabled, members are billed when they join a creator’s membership and then on the same day of each month thereafter. For example, if a member joins on the 5th of a month, they’ll be billed on the 5th of each month thereafter. 

However, if a member is being billed on the Nth day of each month but a subsequent month does not have N days in it, then the member is billed on the final day of that shorter month, and their billing day resets to that new day.

For example, if a member joins on March 31st, they’ll be billed again on April 30th and then the 30th of each month thereafter. If they reach February and that particular February has 29 days in it (because it’s a leap year), then they’ll be billed on February 29th and then on the 29th of each subsequent month. After a year of being billed on the 29th, that member would reach a February with only 28 days, and their billing day would reset to the 28th day of each month thereafter.


Payments are processed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Depending on your time zone, you might be charged up to 24 hours before the scheduled payment date

Learn more about subscription billing here: Subscription billing FAQ.

Monthly charge upfront

Charge upfront is a billing model where paid members pay upfront to join the creator’s page, granting access to the creator’s backlog of content on Patreon. After the first payment, members pay on the 1st of each month on PT for the month of access.

Feel free to read through our guide on charge upfront billing to learn more.

Monthly (non-charge upfront)

Monthly (non-charge upfront) is a billing method where there’s no payment needed to join and unlock membership access. Paid members pay on the 1st of each month on PT for any access they had the previous month.

Per creation

Per creation is a billing model where members pay their membership amount per paid post the creator makes after they sign up. Members can set a monthly maximum number of posts they’ll pay for, but they’ll get access to any paid post made beyond their maximum.

Members pay on the 1st of each month on PT for paid posts published the previous month.


We retry declined payments even if the member cancels or changes their per creation membership. Members can find a complete record of payments in their Billing history.

Annual membership

Annual membership is a billing option where paid members pay upfront to unlock access to a creator’s back catalog and an entire year of membership.

  • If the creator uses subscription billing, members will be charged upon signup and yearly on their join date on UTC.
  • If a creator uses monthly charge upfront billing, then members are charged when they join and yearly on the first of the month on PT, a year after the initial join date, and on that date every year until canceled.

Frequently asked questions

  • The names of creators you support will not be included in your statement. Your payment will be processed as Patreon and listed as one of the following line items:

    Credit card

    • PATREON* Membership
    • CKO Patreon* Membership
  • If the creator uses monthly charge upfront billing, then, yes, you can cancel if your payment declines, and we will not retry your payment. This is because charge upfront payments are for the preceding month.

    If the creator uses per creation or monthly (non-charge upfront) billing, we will retry your payment even if you cancel or decrease your membership. If your membership is active on the 1st of the month, you can expect your payment to process.

  • Creator's billing model What happens when you cancel
    Subscription billing

    If a member cancels before their next billing date, they retain their membership access until the next billing date (which depends on your join date). 

    Due to timezone differences, we recommend canceling at least 24 hours before your next billing date if you don’t want your bill to renew. 

    Monthly charge upfront  If a member cancels before the 1st of the month, they won't be billed. They'll retain their membership access until the next billing cycle.
    Monthly (non-charge upfront) If a member cancels before the 1st of the month, they won't be billed. Their membership access ends as soon as they cancel. 
    Per creation When a member cancels a per creation membership, we process any pending bills on their account. The member's access ends as soon as they cancel. Members can check for any pending bills before canceling by viewing their billing history.
    Annual membership If you cancel your annual membership before your next charge date, you'll retain your membership access for the remainder of the year you paid for. You'll lose membership access after your next billing date. 
  • Creator's billing model When you upgrade
    Subscription billing

    When members upgrade to a higher membership level their billing date does not change. They'll be charged the outstanding amount immediately and get access to the higher tier membership for the remainder of their billing period.

    They'll be charged their upgraded membership amount on their next billing date.

    Per creation

    When a member upgrades a per creation membership, they instantly unlock access to the higher membership. Their higher membership applies to future paid posts made up to their monthly max.

    We won’t exceed your monthly limit, so you may not be billed for additional paid posts. If you want to ensure a creator gets your increased amount, you may want to increase your monthly limit for the month.

    Monthly charge upfront When members upgrade a charge upfront membership, payments already made for the month are credited toward the upgrade, and they pay the difference.

    The member pays their higher membership amount on the 1st of the month.

    Monthly (non-charge upfront)

    Members who upgrade a monthly (non-charge upfront) membership immediately access the higher membership.

    There’s no charge to upgrade, and the member pays their higher membership amount on the 1st of the month.

    Annual membership

    When a member upgrades an annual membership, a pro-rated amount of what they’ve already paid is credited, and they pay the remaining upgrade cost.

    When you update an annual membership, it extends your term for a year from that date.

  • Creator's billing model When you switch to a lower tier
    Subscription billing

    If a member switches to a lower tier, they'll remain on their original tier until the next billing date. They'll have access to the lower tier membership on their next billing date. 

    Per creation

    Decreasing your membership will not change the amount of any pending bills already posted to your Billing history.

    Your lower amount will be applied to future paid posts if your monthly limit has not already been met.

    Monthly charge upfront

    Decreasing your membership does not affect the current month’s membership access. Since you’ve already paid for the month upfront, decreasing affects your membership renewal on the upcoming first of the month.

    We recommend switching to a lower tier closer to the end of the month for a smooth transition.

    Monthly (non-charge upfront)
    If you decrease your membership, your access is instantly limited to the new (lower) tier that you've joined.
    Annual membership

    At the moment, there’s no way to change your annual membership to a lower tier. You can, however, join a lower tier after your year membership has ended with a slight workaround.

    You can cancel your membership near the end of your year term and then re-join at a lower-tier option once the year has passed.

  • If you believe that you’ve been overcharged, the first thing to do is check your payment statement with your Billing history on Patreon. Going through a few months of billing months may help you confirm where the additional amount is coming from — declining bills that process later can be alarming if you don’t know what it’s for.

    If you have separate charges on your payment statement that don’t add up, you may have more than one account triggering charges. Please log out and then use password reset. You can enter other email addresses you own outside of your known account. If you get the message that we’ve sent you a password reset link on one of your other emails, you also have an account with that email address.

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