Why wasn't I charged this month?

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Wait, why wasn't I charged? Do I still have a membership?


First off, worry not! We give creators the option to pause their creator page if they don’t want to charge their patrons for an upcoming month. 

Creators may pause their creator page for multiple reasons. Maybe they are on vacation or didn’t have enough time to make a post this month. We encourage creators to share with patrons why they might pause their page so check your creator's recent posts in case they made an announcement about pausing billing.

Another reason why you might have not been charged is if your creator is on a per creation campaign and has not created any paid posts this month. You can check if your creator charges per creation by visiting your Active Memberships page.

If you're concerned about a gap in benefits, feel free to send your creator a message directly. Here's our guide to help you with sending your creator a private message.

For now, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy. Unless your creator pauses billing for another month, your payments will likely continue next month automatically.

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