Why was I charged after canceling?

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We process recurring billing for all active memberships at midnight on the 1st of each month in the Pacific Time zone (PT). You will have a final payment if your membership is active when processing begins. 

Does canceling stop charges?  

Canceling a membership does stop future billing. That said, we will process any pending bills on your account upon cancelation. 

Two situations would result in a pending bill on your account:

  1. The creator you supported charged per creation, and they made a paid post(s) while your membership was active


    You have a $1 per post membership. The creator publishes a paid post on July 9th, which generates a pending bill on your billing history. On July 20th, you cancel your membership — we process your payment for $1.

    You can refer to your Billing history for information about the post date. 

  2. Your membership was active at midnight on the 1st of the month (PT)


    You have a $5 monthly (not charged upfront) membership. On July 1st, we bill your active membership for your June access. We will process your payment if you cancel on or after July 1st. 

    If our attempt to charge your July 1st payment declines, we will reattempt.

Can I get a refund for this charge? 

We encourage you to contact the creator to request a refund. In this situation, you can message the creator on Patreon. We recommend sending the following information with your request:

  • The amount of the transaction(s) you are requesting be refunded
  • The date(s) of the original transaction(s)
  • Your reason for requesting a refund

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