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This article serves as a guide for creators selling digital products whose products may be suspended.

To keep Patreon safe for everyone, all products listed in your shop must meet our Community Guidelines and Benefit Guidelines. When products do not meet our guidelines, we may need to suspend them from your shop. This allows creators to keep their page up and running even while their product is in the reform process. Repeated instances of products not meeting our Community Guidelines may result in account suspension or removal.

What happens if my product is suspended?

When you view your shop, products that do not meet our Community Guidelines will be labeled as Suspended (only visible to you). Suspended products are not available for customers to purchase and won’t be available to customers who have already purchased the product. We’ll send you an email notification to the email associated with your Patreon account detailing the next steps.

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How long can my product be suspended?

Products that do not meet our Community Guidelines may be suspended indefinitely; however, we encourage you to refer to the email correspondence with our team for detailed next steps.

I have a question about my suspended product

If you have any questions about our Community Guidelines or your specific product, please submit a ticket through our Help Center for additional support.


  • A product may be suspended if it does not meet Community Guidelines. Refer to the email we have sent to the email address associated with your Patreon account for detailed next steps about your suspended product.

    You can review our Community Guidelines for any clarification on why your product may have been suspended.

  • Suspended products do not impact your ability to interact with your customers or list new products. In most cases, suspended products will not impact your payouts either — you can still pay your balance out as you normally do.

    It’s important to note that other products will not be suspended unless they do not meet Patreon's Community Guidelines.

  • Suspended posts do not appear in your store and cannot be purchased by new customers. Customers who have already purchased the product will not be able to access it from their Purchases tab.

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