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Make sure you follow this guide while in your member profile. You can use the profile switcher to change between your creator and member profile by tapping on your profile picture in the top right corner of the Home tab

What is a community chat?

A community chat is where you can chat with creators and other members outside of the comment section. Connect with your favorite creators and get to know people from all over the world who share your interests and passions!

How community chats work

Join a community chat

Follow the steps below to join a community chat:

Once you join and open a chat, you can go to that chat’s settings page by clicking on View details below the chat’s name (web) or by tapping the chat name at the top (app). This is where you’ll find:

  • The chat guidelines
  • More chats from the same creator
  • Other members with access to the chat


Access to chats is based on the membership option your creator selected for each individual chat; this means that depending on the membership option you are in, you may have access to different chats than a person with a different membership option.

All chats you have access to as part of your membership will show up on your Community tab on both the app and web, so you can join them by agreeing to the guidelines.

Chatting with the creator and other members

There are several ways members can interact with each other and with the creator through chats:

  • Type a message:
    • App: You’ll find the option to type your message at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re done, tap the arrow on the right side to send
    • Web: At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a text box where you can type your message. Click enter or click the arrow on the right side to send
  • Start or reply to a thread:
    • App: Press and hold the message you want and tap Reply in thread
    • Web: Click the message you want and type your reply on the right-hand side of the page
  • React to messages:
    • App: Press and hold a message until you see the option to add a reaction with an emoji
    • Web: Click on a message and select the emoji from the list that pops up
  • Share photos directly from your device: You and other members can share photos directly from your device by tapping on the photo icon when writing a message

Chat guidelines and reporting

Chat guidelines are rules for the community space, and they exist to keep you and the community safe. You will not be able to join a chat without first agreeing to the chat guidelines.


You can check the chat’s guidelines anytime by opening a chat and clicking View details below the chat’s name (web) or tapping the chat name at the top (app). This will take you to that chat’s settings screen, where you’ll find the Chat guidelines.

How to report a message:

You should feel comfortable reporting messages that don't adhere to or abide by chat guidelines directly to the creator.

Here’s how you can do it:

Please note that reporting a message is not anonymous. Your creator will be notified that you reported the message, and they will decide whether to keep or delete it. On the other hand, the person who sent the message will not know you reported it.

Block a person

Blocking someone means you will stop seeing their messages on chats. When someone you block sends a message to a chat you’re a part of, they will show up with the following message "You Blocked [Name], Unblock".


  • There is no limit to how many chats you can join. If the creator is using chats and they are available for your membership, you will always have the option to join that chat.

  • When you join a chat room or send a chat message (or take any other community actions), you are visible to those Patreon communities, and members of those communities can see your member profile.

    Learn more about what information you are sharing with fellow community members

    You can customize your name, photo, and bio by tapping on a chat’s name to access the chat’s settings screen and find a list of your and other members’ profiles – searching for your name and tapping on your avatar from that list will take you to your profile. After this, tap the three dots menu > Edit profile  to edit your member profile.

  • At this moment, it’s not possible to edit a message that has already been sent; however, you can delete a message and resend it. A message that has been deleted will show up as Message deleted, but it won't be shown that you’re the one who sent it.

    Here's how to delete a message:

  • If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to any chats you joined. When you lose access will depend on that creator’s billing model:

    • If you cancel a monthly (non-charge upfront) or per-creation membership, you will immediately lose access to the chats
    • If you cancel a charge upfront or subscription billing membership, access to chats will be revoked at the end of your final billing cycle
    • When you cancel an annual membership, access to chats will be revoked when the your yearly membership ends
  • Switching to a different membership option might mean losing access/gaining access to some or all chats, depending on what chats are part of your new membership — Access to chats is based on the membership option your creator selected for each individual chat.

    All chats you have access to as part of your membership will show up on your Chats tab

  • Yes. You can leave a chat if you wish to do so. Here’s how to do this:

    When you leave a chat:

    • You won't show up in the members list for that chat
    • You won't get system notifications from the chat
    • The chat will no longer show up in your community tab/page
    • Any messages you have already sent will not be removed, and your photo/name will still be attached to them

    You can rejoin a chat anytime by going to the creator’s home and selecting the Chats tab – You’ll have the option to tap to rejoin the chat you left.

    Alternatively, you can rejoin by going to any chat space you're part of and tapping the chat's name at the top. This will take you to the chat's settings screen, where you'll find all the chats from the creator – Tap Join next to the chat you wish to rejoin.

  • We are currently testing a Community Chat experience on web for creators and their members. Since this feature is still in the testing phase, access will be rolled out on an ongoing basis. If your creator has Community Chats for web, you’ll see a Chat tab when you click on the Community tab faa09edf-dc60-4731-9d49-3588b9665043 from the left-hand side of your screen.

  • If you're nominated as a moderator by the creator, it means they trust you to help maintain community standards. You’ll receive a pop notification letting you know the creator added you as a moderator of their chats. You'll have access to reported messages and a Moderator tag on your profile.

    You can access reported messages by following these steps (Exclusive to the Patreon app):

      1. Go to any chat and click the Moderation icon 02f7da36-34ff-419f-be36-17e4861b1ac2 at the top right corner of the screen
      2. You can access your reported messages tab from there

    As a moderator, you'll decide whether to keep or delete reported messages based on community guidelines.

    You can choose to stop being a moderator anytime. To do this:

    1. Go to any chat and click the Moderation icon 02f7da36-34ff-419f-be36-17e4861b1ac2 at the top right corner of the screen
    2. Tap the Moderators tab
    3. Tap Remove next to your name. If you choose this option, you won’t be able to change your mind unless the creator adds you again

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