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One of the perks of being a member is commenting on the work your creators share with you. Comments are a great way to show your love and communicate with a creator’s community. This article will detail how to add your comment on the desktop and mobile app, as well as mobile web.

Note: If you see that commenting has been disabled on a post, it means that the creator has set comment access to paid members only or they’ve disabled commenting for their post(s). Learn more about disabled comments.

How to add comments

Creator likes

If a creator likes your comment, you’ll see a badge on your comment with their profile image. You can hover over the badge to see the creator’s name.


  • You can only view the comments section of posts you have comment access to. This means that if the post is for paid members and you’re no longer a paid member, you won’t be able to edit or reply to comments for that post any longer.

  • No. Your comment can be viewed by the creator and other fellow members who have access to the same post.

  • Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that a creator will interact with their comments. Some creators have very active members, and comments can be missed. If you want to send your creator a personal note thanking them, you can send them a direct message

  • In order to leave comments on a creator's public post, you'll need to have an active membership with the creator. If the creator has set their comment access to all members, you can have either a free or paid membership. If the creator has set comment access for only paid members, you’ll need to select a paid offering to add your comment(s).

    Learn more about why you may not have comment access

  • Yes! If you are a creator, you'll be able to comment on creators’ posts that you have comment access to.

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