Why can’t I comment on posts?

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There may be a few reasons why you’re unable to comment on a post that you have access to, including that the creator may have disabled comments for all posts or a particular post, comment access isn’t included in your membership, or comments are being filtered. This article will detail the reasons why you may not be able to comment on a post that you can access.

Your email address is not verified

In order to add comments to posts you can access, you’ll first need to verify your email address. If you haven’t taken this security measure, you can click on the Verify your email link to complete this step. Once your Patreon account email has been verified, you can add your comment.

If you created your Patreon account with your Google account or Apple Sign-on, your email address is considered verified.

Comments are disabled

There are two reasons why you may see the message “comments are disabled for this post”:

  • If you are seeing this message on all of a creator’s posts, it means that the creators has decided not to allow comments on their posts.
  • If you are only seeing the message on some of a creator’s posts, it means that the creator has decided to disable comments for those posts in particular.

Creators can retroactively disable comments, so you may notice that comments are disabled on posts you had previously been able to comment on.

Upgrade to add a comment

If you are seeing a note that you can “upgrade to add a comment,” it means that the creator has given comment access to only paid members. Creators have the option to give comment access to all members, only paid members, or to not allow comments on posts. The option to upgrade to add a comment indicates that only paid members can add comments. Click the comment field to upgrade to a paid offering to add your comment.

Comment filtering

If a creator has enabled comment filtering for comments, we’ll automatically hide comments that may be spammy or potentially harmful to their community. If you believe that your comments are being mistakenly filtered, please submit a request to our support team for help.

The comment was removed by the creator

It is possible that the creator is moderating the comment section of their posts and determined that your comment should be removed. If you suspect this, you may be able to direct message the creator to learn more about the rules of engagement for their Patreon.

Learn more about direct messaging a creator.

Patreon says I can’t comment

To keep Patreon safe for everyone, we may limit your commenting ability if we notice a higher-than-normal number of comments in a given time. If you see a message that you’re not able to comment at the moment, you’ll need to wait a bit to add your comment later.

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