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Evolution is a vital part of the creative process! Keep your tiers updated with the work you’re producing, and the benefits you’re offering.

Check in with yourself on a regular basis

Are you burnt out? Try to think about what is valuable to your members and what will be sustainable for you. The Creator Hub is full of great articles to support you through your membership journey, including, How to structure your membership and price your benefits

Editing your tier

At the top of the tier editor, you can change the tier name, description, and benefits. If you have Subscription billing, adjusting your tier prices can be done quickly and easily for increases up to $20 more than the original amount.

As you scroll down, you’ll find where you can change your tier image by clicking the X in the current image.

Click on the Advanced section to change the following:

  • Increase, or decrease the member limit for a tier
  • Add, or remove a shipping requirement
  • Change, or remove Discord roles

Whether you’re making a minor change to your description or completely relaunching a tier, be sure to scroll down and click the Save tier button to save your changes.

Pricing tiers

If you have Subscription billing, adjusting your tier prices can be done quickly and easily for increases up to $20 more than the original price. Learn more about Changing the price of your tiers and how it impacts your existing members.

You won't be able to change the price of a tier that has a Free trial enabled just yet. This will be coming soon.

For adjustments over $20, or if you're not using Subscription Billing, consider creating a new tier at the desired price point and encourage your members to switch. Communication is key when updating your pricing. We recommend following our Best Practices for Increasing Your Tier Prices to ensure a smooth transition.

New tiers you create will automatically get access to any posts you've published for Paid members only.

If you want specific tiers to have access, you’ll need to select the tiers manually for each post. To grant new tiers access to old posts, visit your Posts section. Click the Edit button next to the posts you want to grant access to, and under Who can access this post, choose Selected tiers. By default, all your tiers will be selected, so unselect any tier you don’t want and click Save.


  • Note: We advise against deleting tiers if you still have existing members on those tiers.

    When a tier is deleted, existing members from that tier will still be billed their membership amount. While they'll retain access to content available to Paid members only, they won't have access to content for Selected tiers. These members aren't categorized as Custom pledge members either. As a result, they won't appear if you search for them using the No tier filter in the Audience Relationship Manager. However, you can locate them by using the All tiers filter instead

    Another important point to consider is that when a new tier is created, members from the deleted tier won't automatically transition to the new one as it changes their billing and benefit selections. Members need to change this on their end to be included in anything new. They can edit their payment by following these steps: Editing your membership.

  • Yes, repricing tiers with existing members is available for creators on our Subscription Billing model. If you're considering updating the price for your existing tiers, you can learn more about Changing the price of your tier.

    You can check your billing model from your account settings.

  • Not at the moment. Only members can edit their membership tier, so you won’t be able to move members from “no benefit” to a tier on your end.

    Feel free to pass along this article from our Help Center to guide members through selecting a new tier: How do I edit my membership?

  • You can use the filters in your Audience Relationship Manager to access a list of who’s not currently in a tier.
    To do this select the following from your Audience Relationship Manager > click the Filters button > select No tier > click the Apply filters button

  • Check if you have an extra character in the field where only numbers are allowed (like $.) Try removing any extra characters and saving again.

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