I’m trying to launch my creator page. Why is my account under review?




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    thanks for all the help i appreciate it

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    Ive had 7 days of issues with Patreon support staff. My issue has remained unresolved, yet I cant find anyone to help. The Patreon Support twitter wont respond unless you have a certain amount of followers, it seems. As a new creator, this massive delay has done nothing but sour my view. I dont even know where to go for help anymore, because I dont have enough twitter followers to garner help. 

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    Skögul CR

    I was reading in several articles from previous week that Patreon is just intentionally trying to discourage all adult content by ignoring people's requests and leaving them eternally under review. 2 months ago an account of mine was suspended and nobody contacted me ever. I had to delete it, I haven't paid some of my bills and I was trusting Patreon had a good customer support system. This week I will be writing about this issue in a big online blog and give a big critic on their low leveled customer support. I think I will definitely give up on having a Patreon account and use a newer platform without this kind of carelessness for customers.

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