I’m trying to launch my creator page. Why is my account under review?

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As part of our commitment to providing a safe platform for creators and patrons, our Trust & Safety team will review your content to ensure it’s within our Community Guidelines before you launch. To learn more about our Community Guidelines, click this link here.

During the review process, you will not be able to edit or make changes to your creator page. 
After reviewing your content, a member of our Trust & Safety team will inform you whether or not you can launch your page. If some of the content is outside our Community Guidelines, a Trust & Safety representative will work directly with you to update your content to remove anything in violation of our policies. Once your page is within our guidelines, you will be approved to launch.
Once you launch, your membership page will be publicly visible and you can start making posts and promoting your page.
Learn more about building and launching your creator page in our guide on how to start your creator page.

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