How do I submit a request for user information to Patreon?

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Creators and patrons trust Patreon with their private information and personal data. We take that notion very seriously and follow strict guidelines to determine when we will — and will not — disclose user information in response to external requests.

Emergency Situations

Patreon will disclose user information on an expedited basis only when necessary to avoid imminent death or physical harm, as determined either by Patreon or a valid authority. In the absence of an emergency situation, Patreon will not disclose user information without first receiving valid, compulsory legal process, as described below.

Requests for Information

Requests for information must be signed, issued pursuant to valid and applicable legal authority, and properly served on Patreon’s agent for service of process. Our legal team reviews every request for information and will reject those that are, for example, overly broad, vague, or procedurally defective.

All requests must contain sufficient identifying information to allow us to locate the subject account. Preferred identifying information includes email address, creator name, creator page url, user ID, last four digits of credit card, and credit card expiration date.

Non-US requests for information must be domesticated under a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, letter of request, or US code (section 1782), as appropriate.

Requests to Preserve Data

Pursuant to our retention policies, Patreon routinely purges stale data from our databases. For this reason, we recommend submitting an early preservation request that specifically identifies the data that will be the subject of a future request. Upon approval, Patreon will exempt subject data from routine purging for a period of 90 days.

Preservation requests should be emailed to

Notice to Patreon Users

Requesting agencies that wish to maintain confidentiality must submit a valid non-disclosure order along with their request for information. Otherwise, Patreon may notify users that are the subject of an external request for information at its discretion.

Cost of Reimbursement

To the extent permitted by law, Patreon may seek reimbursement for costs incurred in compiling information and responding to external requests. When required by law, reimbursement should be included with the request for information.

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