Managing your merch items

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Once you’ve created your merch items, you’ll be able to access, edit, and end those items directly from the Merch tab. This article will explain what you will find on the merch tab and what actions you can take with your items. We’ll show you how to: 

Accessing your merch items

To access a list of items you offer, log in and head to the Merch tab link of your page editor. You’ll find a historical list of your merch items.

Here’s more information on what these columns and statuses mean: 

  • Item: the type of merch item
  • Description: the description you set when you created your merch. You can edit this description by clicking the pencil icon.
    • Active: this item is live and visible to patrons and fans on your Patreon page. Patrons may be actively earning this item.
    • Deleted: this item has been deleted. It is not visible on your page, and no patrons can receive the item.
    • Retired: this item has been retired.
  • Published: the date you first published the merch item, and the date it was deleted or retired
  • Tiers: the tier(s) your merch item is assigned to. You can edit these by clicking the pencil icon.

Editing an item

You can edit an item’s description, the tiers it’s assigned to, and the artwork by clicking the Edit item link or the pencil icon to the right of an item.

Once you make your changes to your merch item, you must review the details in order to save the item and update it. 

Can I order a sample of my new item?

Yes! Email to order a sample of your revised item. 

When will my patrons receive my merch? 

If you’ve added this item to any new tiers, patrons of those tiers will begin their earnings progress when you click the Publish merch button.

Patrons of tiers that already included this item will continue their previous earnings progress without any changes. 

Editing the item design or description does not affect when patrons earn merch. Any new orders sent to patrons after you edit your design will use the new design. Learn more about how patrons earn merch in this guide

Ending an item

You can end your merch item by clicking on the delete item button (which is also a trash bin icon) to the right of a merch item on your Merch tab. You have the option of either deleting or retiring your merch item. To learn more check out our guide on Ending a merch item.

Managing a loyalty program

You can access the list of items included in your loyalty program, edit your loyalty program, and end your loyalty program from your Merch tab.

Editing a loyalty program’s tiers

You can edit the tiers a loyalty program is assigned to by pressing on the Edit item link (which is also a pencil icon). If you change the tiers you assign your program to, the earning timelines for all four items in the program will be affected. For a detailed guide on editing your merch items, please visit our help center article on editing a merch item.

Editing a loyalty program’s artwork

You can edit or add artwork for any of the items in a program at any time by pressing the Edit item link/pencil icon. Changing artwork does not change patrons’ earnings progress.

What does Artwork required mean?

To make things easy for you, we only require you to upload artwork for the first item in your program when you publish a new loyalty program. If at least one item is still missing artwork, you will find the Artwork required status in your Merch tab. The Artwork required and Artwork overdue statuses do not contain precise information on when your patrons will earn merch — they are just reminders we show you to help keep things on track. You can add the required artwork by editing your loyalty program.

What does Artwork overdue mean?

We recommend you upload artwork for each item in time for any patrons who might have been pledging when you published the item to earn it without any delays.

We calculate the date when artwork is “due” for each item by determining the earliest time that the item was added to any of your tiers, then adding the length of time that it would take for a patron already pledging to that tier to earn the item.

For example, if you publish a loyalty program on May 15th, then the artwork for your 6 month item will be “due” on November 1st, which is when existing patrons in that tier would earn the item.

If you add a loyalty program to different tiers at different times, we will always calculate the artwork due date based on the date it was added to the first tier.

What happens when my artwork is overdue?

If a patron has earned an item but that item has no artwork available we will not be able to ship the item, which is why it’s important to upload your artwork before this date. 

If no patrons are pledging to a tier when the loyalty program is added, then the calculated artwork due date may be too early. To learn the current status of which patrons have earned your merch, and if any may be blocked by missing artwork, please visit your Benefits page.

Ending a loyalty program

Ending a loyalty program works the same as ending an item — all items in the program will be affected. For detailed steps on how to do this, please visit our Ending an item help article.

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