Why are my comments disappearing?

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Creators have the ability to disable comments on their posts. Learn more about disabled comments.

If a comment you’ve left on a creator’s post has disappeared and you did not delete the comment yourself, there are a couple of reasons why the comment may have been removed.

Filtered comments

Creators can enable a feature called Comment filtering, which automatically hides comments that may be spammy or potentially harmful to the creator’s community. If you believe that your comments have been mistakenly filtered, you can direct message the creator to see if they can adjust their comment filtering settings.

Learn more about Patreon’s Community Guidelines.

The creator has disabled comments

Creators can retroactively disable comments. You may notice that comments are disabled on posts you had previously been able to comment on. If you see the message that “comments are disabled for this post,” it means that the creator has since disabled comments. If you are seeing this message for all of the creator’s posts, it means that the creator has disabled comments on all of their posts.

The comment was removed by the creator

It is possible that the creator is moderating the comment section of their posts and determined that your comment should be removed. If you suspect this, you may be able to direct message the creators to learn more about the rules of engagement for their Patreon.

Learn more about direct messaging a creator

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