Managing fan engagement with notifications

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This article is about the creator Notifications tab on the Patreon desktop app. You can also check notifications from the Patreon mobile app.

Filtering your notifications

The notifications filter at the top of your Notifications tab helps you focus on what’s important to you:

  • Comments and replies
  • New paid members
  • Upgrades
  • Downgrades
  • Cancellations


Interacting with your notifications

Your Notifications tab lists fan activity chronologically so you can manage your community as fans engage with your Patreon. Click on a notification to like or reply to comments with ease.


How notifications work

  • You’ll be notified whenever a fan likes or comments on a post and when members join, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a membership
  • Notifications move from the ‘New’ section to the ‘Earlier’ section once notifications are seen
  • Notifications are aggregated daily, so you can keep up with how members are engaging with your work on a given day
  • Notifications will appear as ‘New’ wherever a new comment or like is left on a post, even if you’ve already seen that notification that day

Making a good impression

Monitoring member activity (upgrades and downgrades) allows you to respond to membership trends. You can quickly interact with new members to keep the excitement going or reach out to recently downgraded members to let them know what exciting work is coming down the pipeline for higher tiers.

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