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This feature is currently in beta, and available to a portion of creators selected at random. It will be made available to more creators soon.

When the Enable products showcase option is selected, products from your shop will be shown on your creator page alongside your membership options for all visitors to see. If you have published products, up to three will be shown by default. You can change your selections at any time by visiting Products showcase visibility under Page Settings or selecting Gear.png in your Shop tab.

You can choose to have your products displayed in two ways on your homepage:

  • Most recent (Default): Shows recently published products.
  • Smart recommendations: Shows products that are likely to be popular with fans. Depending on what and how many products you have published, this may be a combination of products with most purchases to date, and products that are trending in sales.

Here’s what visitors to your page will see:

(Products will show as ‘Recent products’ or ‘Popular products’ depending on the variation you’ve chosen.)


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