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streamline-icon-accounting-bills_100x100.svg Payments process throughout the 1st of each month. You can expect a slight delay between when processing completes and when your patron count updates for the current month. While we’ve worked hard to minimize this delay, we recommend waiting until the 2nd of each month for your updated patron count and Relationship manager (RM) lists. 

How many patrons do I have?
You can find how many patrons you have, what we refer to as your patron count in a few different places. Both your Creator Home page and your view of your public page list your total patron count. 

You can access the number of patrons in each of your tiers by using the filtering tool at the top of your Relationship manager (RM). 

To find your patron count and a list of patrons in a given tier: 
  1. Click the Patrons button from the creator menu and then click on Relationship manager from the list. 
  2. Check that the Active button is selected in your RM.
  3. Click the Filters button to bring up filter options. 
  4. Select one or more of your tiers from the list and scroll down to click Save filters. Once saved, your filter(s) will automatically apply to the RM list and your patron count will reflect the filtered list. 
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