Adding Promo codes as a benefit to tiers

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Available to creators on our Pro and Premium plans, Promo codes are a lightweight way to instantly add value to new and existing tiers – it’s a simple way to deliver a code for discounts to your off-platform online store without the worry of how your patrons will access it 

In this article, we’ll go through: 

Add a promo code to a tier

You can add a promo code to new and existing tiers you create from the Membership tiers page. To add a promo code as a benefit, follow the steps below: 
  1. While logged in to your creator profile, click on the My Page link from the left sidebar navigation if you aren't already there
  2. Click the Page Controls or "..." button
  3. Click the Edit Tiers link from the submenu
  4. Click the Edit tier button for a tier
  5. Click the Add benefit button and click the Browse recommended benefits button to open a list of our benefit recommendations
  6. You’ll find the one-time recommended benefit, Promo code click Add button for a promo code
  7. Create your Promo code and link to your site
  8. Click the Save button
  9. Click the Save tier button to add the promo code to your tier! 

Once you’ve saved your promo code, potential patrons will find the discount listed in the tier description. 

Delivery of my new promo code

After you’ve added a promo code as a benefit to a tier, we get to work on making sure your patrons can enjoy their new perk! Here are the different ways that patrons can access your promo code: 

Welcome note

After confirming their membership with you, new patrons will find their promo code benefit when in your welcome note to them. 


We’ll include your promo code to the welcome email we send new patrons, showing them all of the great benefits they’ve just unlocked.

My membership tab

The My membership tab is your patrons’ central hub for benefits you offer – once you add a promo code to a tier, we’ll add it to the My membership section for eligible patrons.

Existing patrons

If you’ve selected the option to notify eligible patrons about this new benefit, we’ll send an email to existing patrons showing them their newly added perk. 

How do I remove a promo code?

How to remove a promo code from a tier

To fully delete a promo code benefit from benefits you track, it must be assigned as a benefit to a tier you are editing. If you’ve removed your promo code from all tiers, you’ll want to temporarily add it back so that you can delete it fully. 
You can easily remove a promo code from a tier by heading to the Edit Tiers page and following these steps:
  1. To remove a promo code from a tier, click the Edit tier button option in the upper right corner of the tier. 
  2. Click the X button on the corner of your promo code. 
  3. Confirm that you’d like to remove your promo code by clicking on the OK button
  4. Click the Save tier button to make the change. 
Once removed, we will stop tracking that promo code benefit for that tier moving forward. You can find a history of deleted benefits from your benefits page


What should I add a promo code for?

A: If you have an e-commerce or merch site where you sell goods (outside of Patreon), promo codes are a great perk to give patrons. You can offer discounts to live events and concerts or share passwords to unlock access to your other websites. 

Can I use this benefit to send recurring codes automatically?

A: Not at the moment. You can trigger an email sent to eligible patrons by manually updating the code each month. 

How can I track if my patrons are using my promo code?

A: We don’t have a way of tracking this on our end, but you can likely use your online store analytics to gain insight into patron use of your promo code. If the code is unique to Patreon, you’ll be able to find exactly how many times that code has been used! 

What if a code is shared? How can I stop that or track that?

A: We recommend monitoring your online store for unusual promo code usage – if you do spot something fishy, you can always update the code in your tier editor and discontinue the code on your online store. 

Can I update my promo codes? Will my patrons be updated?  

A: Yes! You can change and update promo codes from your tier editor. If you change anything about the promo code, we’ll automatically send an email to update your patrons.

What if a patron edits their membership tier? Will they receive my promo code? 

A: Yes, they’ll receive the welcome note and receive an email as a new patron of that tier. 

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