Deleting benefits from tiers

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You can only delete benefits while they are connected to a tier. If you are trying to clear the clutter from your Benefits page, you will first need to add the benefit back to a tier in order to permanently remove the benefit from tracking. 

To remove a benefit from a tier:

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the My Page button from the left sidebar navigation if you aren't already there
  2. While on your page, click on the Page controls or “” button
  3. Then, click on the Edit Tiers link from the submenu
  4. Click the Edit tier button at the upper right corner of the tier you want to remove the benefit from
  5. In the benefits section, you'll find a list of current benefits for that tier. Click the X to remove a benefit
  6. Click the Save tier button to finalize your benefit removal
When you remove a benefit from one tier, we will not remove the benefit from all of your tiers. If you'd like to fully delete a benefit, please remove the benefit from each tier individually.   

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