Adjusting Benefit Value for Sales Tax

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If a tier has multiple benefits, you can use this feature in the Advanced section of the tier editor to assign a value to each benefit. Then, in locations where tax law allows Patreon to calculate tax for each benefit individually, we can apply tax to just the portion of the pledge that covers a taxable benefit. Since not all benefits are taxable in all patron locations, using this feature may reduce the amount of the pledge that is taxable.

Value can be challenging to determine
, so we’ve put together a few examples based on common benefits that many creators offer. These settings are not available to patrons, so they don't have access to how you have set your benefit values. 

Please note that these are just a small set of examples. You have the ability to customize your tax s
ettings in any way you deem fit, based on the benefits you are offering. For more details on sales tax settings, please visit this help center article: About Advanced Sales Tax Settings





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