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Let's go over key membership details, to help you decide if annual membership is right for you:

Not all creators have annual memberships available. If a creator has yearly plans, they'll be listed in the tier descriptions and on the checkout page. 

Starting an annual membership (not yet a patron)

  1. Log in to your Patreon account and find the creator’s page you want to join
  2. Click the link for the annual discount directly below the Join button for the tier. You can compare the creator’s monthly and annual options on the checkout page before you confirm
  3. Review your billing method and auto-renewal details in the Summary section of the checkout page – you may want to print or screenshot the page for your records
  4. Click on the Confirm button to start your membership. You’ll pay for the year, in full, immediately.

Your payment instantly unlocks your access to the creator’s back catalog of content for your tier and you’ll be set for the next year! 

Switching from monthly to annual billing

  1. Click the Manage Memberships button (pencil icon) in the left navigation
  2. Click the Edit button next to your membership 
  3. The checkout page should be familiar — directly under the page header, you can toggle between monthly, or annual membership to compare the cost 
  4. Select the annual price button and click the Update button. Please note, that you’ll pay for the entire year upfront

When is my next payment? 

You have a whole year! Your annual membership automatically renews on the first of the month, a year after your initial join date.


Nov 18, 2022: You join a creator’s page with an annual membership and pay $19.20 for the year. You pay $19.20 upon confirming, and will have access to the creator’s patron only-content for your tier immediately. 

Dec 1, 2023: Your annual membership auto-renews and you pay $19.20. Your annual membership will auto-renew on the 1st of December each year thereafter. 

What happens to my annual membership if the creator pauses their page?

When your creator pauses billing, your annual membership extends by one month. 

For example, say you have an annual subscription set to end on November 1st, 2025. If your creator pauses their billing cycle on August 2025, your membership will extend by 1 month and it will now end on December 1st, 2025.

Is my membership monthly or annual?

The Active memberships page lists your payment schedules. Depending on how you signed up, your membership may be listed as: 

  • Per year: you're an annual patron!
  • Per month: you pay monthly
  • Per creation: you pay on the first of each month, on a per post billing structure 

Making changes to an annual membership 

If you're using the Patreon app, this help article will guide you through that: Updating your membership via the Patreon app

Increasing your membership will take effect immediately since you pay upfront. 

How to upgrade your annual membership

  1. Click the Manage Memberships button (pencil icon) in the left navigation
  2. Click the Edit button for the membership you would like to change
  3. Click the Edit button in the Summary section
  4. Select your new tier at an annual level there’s currently no way to switch to a monthly plan from annual terms
  5. Review the details on the checkout page and click the Update button

When you increase your annual membership, pro-rated credit from what you've already paid is applied to the new amount, and you pay the remaining cost for upgrading. When you make changes to an annual membership, it extends your year term from that date. 


  • If you paid for a $120 tier and upgrade in the same month to a $140 tier, you pay $20 for the difference between the two. 
  • If you paid $120 in April and upgrade in June to a $140 tier, only $100 from your initial payment is left, so you'll pay $40 to upgrade.

In both of the above examples, your membership auto-renews in a year and you pay your new membership amount of $140 in full. 

Decreasing your annual membership

At the moment, there’s no way to decrease your annual membership tier. You can, however, lower your tier level after your year membership has ended with a slight workaround.  

You can cancel your membership near the end of your year term, and then repledge at a lower-tier option once the year term has passed. 


July 12, 2020: You start your annual membership. Your year membership is set to expire on July 31, 2021.

July 29, 2021: You can cancel your annual membership.

August 1, 2021: You can rejoin at any tier level you’d like. 

Can I switch from annual to monthly? 

While you have an annual membership, you won’t be able to switch to a monthly membership. If you’d like to have a monthly membership, you can cancel the auto-renewal, and then rejoin the creator’s page with a monthly option after the year has passed.

I canceled and want to rejoin – will I have to pay again? 

That depends! If you join, then cancel and then rejoin all in the same month, you won't be charged for those adjustments. If you join, then cancel at a later month and rejoin, later on, you can expect to pay for extending your annual membership. 

When you join or rejoin a creator's annual membership, your year membership terms start from that date.


January 10, 2021: Let's say you join a creator's annual membership for USD 20.16 for a year ($1.68/ month).

January 10, 2021: You cancel because you only want a year of membership. Your year of membership will end on January 31, 2022.

March 1, 2021: You rejoin. You pay $5.04 ($20.16 - $15.12 from what you’ve already paid) immediately. This payment extends your membership terms, and your membership will renew come April 1, 2022.

Canceling an annual membership

Canceling will not affect your current membership term. After canceling, you’ll still be an active patron and have access until your year of membership ends. 

How to cancel annual membership auto-renewal:

  1. Click the Manage Memberships button (pencil icon) in the left navigation
  2. Click the Edit button for the membership you’re canceling 
  3. Click the Edit or Cancel payment button directly under the “update” button 
  4. Select the Cancel your payment option 
  5. Click the Cancel your payment button to confirm 

Will I be refunded after I cancel?

No. While canceling turns off auto-renewal, you’ll still have a membership for the year you paid for. For that reason, Patreon won’t refund any amount of what you’ve already paid the creator.

Will I still earn merch if I cancel my annual membership?

If you have an Annual membership, you’ll be charged for one year of membership up front and will start earning your merch after 3 monthly billing periods have passed. Feel free to check the help center article How to Claim my exclusive Patreon merch from a creator to learn more about merch cadences.

This will depend on the date of cancellation and your creator’s merch program.

If your creator is offering a one-time merch item:

  • If you cancel before 3 months have passed, this will interrupt your merch earning cycle
  • If you cancel after the 3 months, this won’t affect any merch earnings because you met the required timeframe to receive your merch item
    • Example: You join on Dec 12 and cancel on Feb 15th - you will still receive your merch item (3 months = 3 successful billings, in this case, Dec, Jan, Feb)

If your creator is on the loyalty program (You receive merch every 3 months):

  • You will need to be an active patron for the whole year. 
    • Example: You start a membership on Dec 12 and cancel in April, you wouldn’t earn the merch item that would be due on May 12 - With an annual membership, you need to remain an active patron for the duration of the year.

Annual membership refund policy

Patreon will not issue refunds for annual memberships, except under extraordinary circumstances, which are reviewed and granted at Patreon’s discretion. You are supporting a creator for their past and future work, and getting access to content during your term. We cannot guarantee you will always like the quality or quantity of past or future work, or creators will have completed new work within the year, and these factors do not provide you with an automatic refund. 

If for any reason you need to request a refund for your annual membership, you’ll need to contact your creator directly with that request. Here are our tips for requesting a refund from a creator: Recommendations for requesting a refund.

Creators can only refund charges within 90 days of the processing date. If a creator needs to issue a refund older than 90 days, they can do so off of Patreon (i.e., on PayPal or Venmo). This is true for both partial and full refunds.

Partial refunds 

You may be able to get a prorated refund for the remaining months of your year term at our creator's discretion. If the creator refunds a prorated amount of your term, you'll lose access at the end of the month that the refund is issued. Reach out to your creator if you would like to request a prorated refund. 

Full refunds

If a creator issues you a full refund for your annual membership, your access to the creator’s patron-only content for your tier will be revoked. 

You can request a partial or full refund from the creator you support. Please know that a refund of any type (partial or full) will result in a loss of access to the creator's content.

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