Becoming a free member

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This article details what it means to be a free member, what you can expect when you join for free, and how you can upgrade at any time.

Who can join for free?

All fans can join for free if their creator has a free offering listed on their page. Some creators may only show their paid options prominently on their Patreon. You’ll know a creator offers this option if you see a Join for free button on their page.

What can I access when I join for free?

When you join for free, you get updates about a creator’s posts directly to your inbox. Never miss an announcement or content that's exclusive to Patreon!

Upgrading to a paid membership

Some creators may only offer free membership; however, if your creator does have paid membership offerings, here’s how to upgrade to a paid tier:


  • When you join for free, the creator will see your email address on their end and your member profile name if you have an account.

  • There’s no commitment to upgrade to a paid membership. You can stay for free as long as the creator offers it and as long as you’d like. 

  • There are a few reasons why you might not be able to comment on a post you have access to:

    • Your account email still needs to be verified: To add comments on a post you have access to, you’ll first need to verify your account email.
    • Comments are disabled: Creators can disable post comments.
    • Upgrade to add a comment: The creator has set comment access to Only paid members for Public posts
    • You may have sent too many comments recently: If you sent a lot of comments recently, come back later and try again

    Learn more about why you might not be able to comment.

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