Joining a creator’s Patreon as a paid member

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This article is about becoming a paid member to join a creator’s community on Patreon, what to expect, and what to do if a payment fails.

Who can become a paid member?

If a creator offers paid membership tiers, all fans can join the creator’s community. You’ll know that a creator has paid offerings if you see a “choose your membership” section on their Patreon with paid offerings.

Please note, that your billing schedule will depend on a creator's billing schedule.

Choosing your membership

Many creators offer the option to become a monthly or annually paid member. If a creator offers annual membership, you can toggle between the monthly and annual prices of their tiers.


Once you’ve decided which membership tier you’ll join, click the Join button.

What if a creator doesn’t have tiers?

Some creators may offer paid membership without the structure of tiers — members can join with a custom monthly price. To join a creator’s Patreon that does not offer tiers, click the Become a member button.


Failed payment help

If your payment is failing when you try to join a creator’s Patreon, check that your payment method has sufficient funds and is:

  • Not expired or canceled
  • Enabled for foreign, secure online, and recurring purchases — Look for these settings in your bank’s mobile app

You can also check that your bank or payment provider has your correct details (e.g., name, address, zip, etc.). If you add a new payment method, they may need to verify your identity for security, e.g., with a password, PIN, fingerprint, or code sent to your device.

Still not working?

  • Try a different payment method
  • Contact your bank or PayPal directly and ask that your provider allow future authorizations and charge attempts from "Patreon* Membership"

You can turn on backup payments from your payment settings to help ensure you don’t lose access to your membership benefits due to failed payments.

Managing my membership

You can make changes to your membership at any time — choose your device type below


  • If you’ve joined a membership tier, the creator will have listed what you’ll have access to in the tier description. If the creator doesn’t offer tiers, you may find the creator’s benefits listed in their About section. If you’re unsure, you can also contact the creator directly on Patreon.

  • When you comment on a post, like a post or a message, react to a post or message, join a chat room, send a chat message, express interest in an event, join an event experience, and take other community actions, you are visible to those Patreon communities, and members of those communities can see your member profile.

    Learn more about what is visible on your member profile.

  • There are a few reasons why you might not be able to comment on a post you have access to:

    • Your account email still needs to be verified: To add comments on a post you have access to, you’ll first need to verify your account email
    • Comments are disabled: Creators can disable post comments
    • Upgrade to add a comment: The creator has set comment access to Only paid members for Public posts
    • You may have sent too many comments recently: If you sent a lot of comments recently, come back later and try again

    Learn more about why you might not be able to comment.

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