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Exclusive access to your favorite creators and communities from anywhere. Patreon is where you can access exclusive podcasts, videos, art, writing, recipes, courses, music, and more from your favorite creators, and build community with both the creators you love and other fans.

When you join a creator’s Patreon, you unlock access to a world of exclusive posts, a community group chat, and more.

To get started, download the latest version of the Patreon app for your device:

The app has a bottom menu with tabs that help you navigate the app. In this guide, we’ll explain what each tab does and how to use it.


Make sure you follow this guide while in your member profile. You can use the profile switcher to change between your creator and member profile by tapping on your profile picture in the top right corner of the Home tab Home-tab.png.

Home tab Home-tab.png

When you log in, you will land on the app home screen. Here, you'll find all the latest updates from creators you have a membership with. How the home screen looks depends on the number of memberships you have:

Single membership view:

  • Updates from your creator are displayed on the screen with the most recent ones at the top.

Multiple memberships view:

  • You can find a Latest section at the top, giving you a quick glance at what's new across all of your memberships.
  • Scroll down to discover a Your creators section, where you can easily find and explore specific creators or content.

On both views, you can access each creator's full content catalog, collections, chats, and more by tapping on their Profile picture or See more.


Quick access to your memberships

You can easily view and manage your memberships from the Home tab Home-tab.png

  1. Tap on the membership icon MembershipCollection.png in the top right corner of the screen, next to your profile picture
  2. A bottom drawer menu will appear with a list of all your memberships in alphabetical order
  3. Tap on a membership from this list to go to the full member view of the creator’s Patreon
  4. Tap your current membership Membership.png directly under the creator’s Patreon header. Alternatively, you can tap the three dots More.png in the upper right corner of the creator’s Patreon and select Your membership Membership.png
  5. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an Edit membership button

Features_Paid_HeroModule_01 (1).png

By selecting the Edit membership button, you can:

  • Pencil.png Change membership: Select a different membership option or increase your membership amount for that creator
  • CreditCardBack.png Edit payment method: Update or add a new payment method
  • LogOut.png Cancel membership: Cancel your membership with the creator. You may still have access to content from your membership for a period of time after you cancel. Learn more about what happens when you cancel

Profile settings

From the app Home screen Home-tab.png you can access more actions by tapping on your profile picture at the top right corner. From this screen, you can:

Edit your profile Tap on the three dots More.png button on the top right corner of the screen and select Edit profile. This is where you can customize how you show up on Patreon by editing your name, photo, and bio.
Learn more what information you are sharing about yourself to fellow community members
Switch to your creator profile Tap the Switch to creator profile button to alternate between your member and creator profiles if you are creating on Patreon. When viewing the app via your creator profile, you can use this same button to Switch to member profile.
Access your purchases Tap on Purchases from the bottom menu to view a list of all your purchases.
Access account settings

Tap Settings from this menu to do the following:

Get Support The support screen is where you can consult our help center, submit a support request, and check the version and build of the Patreon app you are currently using.
Log out Select this option to log out of your Patreon account

Community Untitled.png

The community tab in the bottom menu bar is where you can engage with the communities that are part of your membership in a group chat, or you can use the direct messages feature to send individual messages to the creator.


Community chat

Here’s how you can join group conversations with other creators and members:

  1. Tap on the Community tab in the bottom menu bar
  2. You’ll land on the Chats screen – Here, you can view a list of all the chats you have access to as part of your membership
  3. If this is your first time joining the creator community, you’ll need to agree with the chat guidelines
  4. Once you join a chat, you can start typing your message at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re done, tap the arrow on the right side to send!

You can customize how your fellow members see you by tapping on your profile image after engaging with a message and tapping the three dots More.png menu > Edit profile. You can also tap on another member's profile image to see their community profile.

Learn more about how community chats work for members.


If you have an active membership with a creator or you have purchased a creator’s digital product, you can send them a private message directly from the Patreon app.

  1. Tap on the Community tab in the bottom menu bar
  2. To access your messages, tap on the Inbox tab Message.png in the top right corner –this will take you to your inbox
  3. You can tap on an existing message to see a past conversation or reply, or tap on the + icon at the top right corner to start a new message thread

Play PlaybackPlayButton.png

The Play tab PlaybackPlayButton.png lives in your bottom menu and is where you can find all audio posts, audio downloads, and audio purchases for easy listening on the go. You can listen to both products and posts on the Patreon audio player.

There are three different sections within the Play tab:

  • Up Next: All available audio posts listed in chronological order by date posted
  • Downloads: Audio posts that you have downloaded within the app appear in this tab
  • Purchases: Audio products purchased from a creator’s shop appear in this tab

Filters are available to toggle between different play states: in progress, unplayed, and played. Use the filter menu FilterAlt.png in the top right corner of the Play tab to select and apply audio filters.


You can access the Audio post menu More.png located at the top right corner of each audio. This will bring out a drop-down menu with different actions to choose from, including the ability to download, view creator details, and share audio.

Tap the play button PlaybackPlay.png next to an audio post to start listening. You can minimize the player so you can still listen to your audio while doing other things in the app.

There are several ways to interact with the player to enhance your listening experience. Learn more on how to use the Patreon audio player.

Notifications Bell.png

Notifications highlight what’s new with your favorite creators and their community. You can easily check and manage your notifications by tapping on the Notifications tab Bell.png from the bottom menu. From this screen, you can see a list of all your in-app notifications, ordered chronologically.

IMG_2241 2.PNG

Tap on a notification to view the post, read the comments, or join the chat.

You can manage push notifications and email notifications by tapping the Settings tab Gear.png at the top right corner of the notifications screen

Search SearchAlt.png

The Search tab SearchAlt.png allows you to search for a specific creator or find creators by topic.

  1. Tap on the Search tab SearchAlt.png from the bottom menu bar
  2. Search for a specific creator by typing their Patreon name in the search bar at the top of the screen or search for creators by popular topics
  3. Tap a popular topic to see a list of the most relevant creators within those categories


Creators who have marked their Patreon as adult content do not appear in search results in the Patreon app due to age restrictions. To find a creator with adult content, you may use your internet browser to locate their Patreon.

Home for every creator

You can visit a creator’s individual Home screen to view and interact with all available posts from that creator, get access to creator-curated Collections, participate in Chats, browse and purchase through a creator’s shop and more. Tap on a creator’s profile image from the app Home screen, your Memberships list, or Search results to dive into this full view of everything available from an individual creator.



Check the table below for all the actions you can take on a creator’s Home screen:

Home The creator's Home tab is where you’ll find all the creator's posts ordered chronologically by post date. Tap into posts to interact, view comments, and join the conversation.
Collections If you're a member of a creator who has collections, you can tap on the Collections tab to browse through collections of their work.
Chats From the Chats tab, you can easily access all chats from that creator that are available as part of your membership.

If the creator sells digital products, you can access their Shop tab from their Patreon. This is where you can browse the creator's shop, find all their published products for sale, or access products you’ve already purchased.

The Sort button at the top left corner helps you filter the products and easily find what you're looking for.

Note that iOS in-app purchases for Commerce are currently accessible to fans in select countries and currencies. Visit our iOS in-app purchases: country & currency page for more information about where iOS in-app purchases are currently supported. If you’re located in another country, you can still browse creator shops on the iOS app, but when trying to purchase, you’ll see a “This product isn’t available in your country” message on the screen.

Search posts Search.png If you are searching for a specific post, tap on the search icon Search.png at the top right corner of the screen:
  • Type the name of the post in the search bar
  • You can filter posts by type (Audio, Video, Image, Text, Polls, Links), Oldest posts first and Posts within your membership
More options More.png When on the creator Patreon, tap the three dots More.png menu at the top right corner to access the following:
  • About this creator: Read the creator’s about section
  • Share link: Share the creator’s Patreon
  • Get audio RSS link: If you have a membership to a creator who shares audio posts, you may have access to a unique RSS feed to listen on the go.
    Read more about How to use your custom audio RSS link
  • Your membership: Tap here to see details about your membership. From this screen, you can also upgrade, edit, or cancel your membership.
  • Report page: If you believe the creator is violating our Community guidelines, you can report them to our Trust and safety team.
    Learn more about Reporting content that violates the Community Guidelines

Dark Mode

Adjusting your mobile device settings in your phone to “dark” will automatically apply Dark Mode to the Patreon app on Android and iOS.

Choose your app icon (iOS)

Available on the latest version of the Patreon iOS app, creators and fans can now select a version of the Patreon app icon that best represents their style. Here’s how to customize your app icon on iOS:

  1. From your Home screen Home-tab.png tap on your profile image in the top right corner
  2. Tap on your Settings
  3. Tap on Choose your app icon
  4. Browse the selection and tap on the one that resonates with you

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