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Here at Patreon, we know how important it is to have a distinctive brand. While we’re obsessed with our brand colors, they might not jive with what you have planned for your creator page. With creator page customization, you can better control the branding of your Patreon page.
Creator page customization includes:

Your brand, your color 

In the Page settings section of your creator page editor, you’ll find your Custom Brand Color setting. This feature allows you to customize the color of your Patreon page, so that it is more on brand. We suggest colors based on colors detected from your uploaded profile photo.  

Not finding what you want? You can also select a color of your choice from the color picker, or by entering the Hex value. 


Accessible to all your patrons

Please note that if you choose a color that is too light or dark, we’ll ask you to choose a different shade that works with standard Web Contrast Accessibility.

Preview your changes

Before you save your creator brand color, you can preview what your page will show like when it’s live. Click the View a preview” link below your color picker to make sure everything the color works for your page.

What will be updated on my page?

The color you select is used in your creator page editor will be used for the following:
  • Your Creator page (“Become a Patron” button, “Join…” buttons, links, etc.)
  • Your Post page
  • The “Become a patron” flow
  • Your “Thanks” page
Note: Your custom brand color will be visible on Desktop, and via mobile web. It’s currently not visible on the Patreon app. 

Want to switch back to Patreon’s color?

Our brand color will always be there as the first option in your Creator brand color setting on your creator page editor. You can always switch back if our brand color works for you. 

Hiding your Earnings from your page

The earnings number listed on your page is an approximation of your monthly, or per creation earnings. You can expect this number to fluctuate as patrons come and go.

You can choose to publicly display your earnings, or hide them from your creator page. 
We know that not all creators want to display their monthly earnings, and we leave it up to you to decide what's best for your page. While publicly showing your earnings can be helpful to attract patrons when you’re starting out, sometimes it's not right for your brand, or image.
You’ll know that your approximate earnings are publicly visible when you find Public under your profile image. If you’ve decided to keep your approximate earnings hidden, you’ll find Private here. You'll still be able to find your approximate earnings on your page while you're logged in, but patrons, and visitors won't. 

How do I hide my earnings from my creator page? 

Step 1: Navigate to the Page settings tab of your creator page editor. 
Step 2: In your Page settings tab, scroll down to the Earnings visibility section. Here you can choose either Public, or Private– don’t worry, you can always change this later on here if things change. After selecting your preference be sure to save your changes. 

A note about goals:
If you decide to hide your earnings, your goals will be reworded to show the percentage of your goal that has been reached, instead of the amount. If you'd like, you can edit your goals to community-based now that your approximate earnings are private - here's how.

Hiding your Patron count 

We recommend keeping your Patron count visible on your page - your fans are proud to support you, and love knowing that there are more supporters like them!

As a creator on Patreon Pro or Premium, you can hide your total patron count (the number of patrons supporting you at any given time). You can toggle between showing, or hiding your Patron count from the Page settings section of your creator page editor.


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