Customizing your creator page

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This article will take you through how you can customize your page to fit your unique brand and catch the attention of your fans.

Your brand, your color

  1. Visit your Basics settings
  2. You can select one of the pre-set colors detected from your profile and cover images, or you can select the color of your choice from the color picker by dragging to your desired color or entering the Hex value directly in the field
    Please note that if you choose a color that is too light or dark, we’ll ask you to choose a different shade that works with standard Web Contrast Accessibility
  3. You can preview your page with your custom color before saving your changes to get a sense of what fans will experience
  4. Click the Save changes button 

Your custom brand color will be visible on Desktop and via mobile web. It’s currently not visible on the Patreon app.

Your header images

You can customize your header by visiting your Basics settings.

Profile image

This image should represent you and everything your page is about. Your profile image should be square and 1024 x 1024 pixels to appear best for both desktop and mobile.

Cover image

You can customize your heading cover image to summarize you and your page better. Cover images should be 1600 x 400 pixels.

Your about section

Tell your fans why you’re here and what you’re all about. Show your personality, and let your audience know what they might expect from your page — this is your space, so make it your own! Visit our guide to writing an eye-catching about section to get your wheels rolling.

Your tiers

If you offer paid tiers, you can customize your tier cover images and descriptions so they speak to your fans and represent your brand.


Tier cover images

Customize your tiers with cover images representing your brand or that represent an identity for fans that join that tier. Humans are naturally visual, so try to choose images that will grab fans’ attention quickly! Tier cover images should be 460 x 200 pixels.

Tier descriptions

With so many users visiting your page on mobile, your fans only have a few seconds to skim through your tier options. Consider keeping your tier descriptions shorter for the best results.

Your social links

We know that your brand presence spans across social media platforms. You can seamlessly display links to your social profiles in your page header.


How to show your social links

  1. Visit your Basics settings
  2. Scroll down to the Social links section
  3. Click the Connect button to authenticate a new social account, or toggle on the link sharing option for a social account you’ve connected in the past
  4. Once connected or toggled on, we’ll display your social link directly on your page

Your earnings and member count

The earnings number listed on your page approximates your monthly, or per-creation earnings. You can expect this number to fluctuate as members come and go.

We know that not all creators want to display their monthly earnings or member count, and we leave it up to you to decide what's best for your page. While publicly showing your earnings can be helpful to attract members when you’re starting out, sometimes it's not right for your brand or image.

You’ll know that your approximate earnings are publicly visible when you find “Public” under your profile image. If you’ve decided to keep your approximate earnings hidden, you’ll find “Private” here. You'll still be able to find your approximate earnings on your page while you're logged in, but members and visitors won't.

How to change earnings and member visibility

  1. Visit your Page settings
  2. Scroll down to the Earnings/Membership visibility section. Here, you can choose either Public or Private for your earnings and member count — don’t worry, you can always change this later on here if things change for you
  3. Click the Save button to finalize your changes

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 16.24.22.png

Additional page customizations

Tier highlighting

This feature is enabled for creators with more than one tier by default. Here’s how to customize which tier you’d like to highlight based on your earning strategy:

  1. Visit your page and click on your Membership tab
  2. Scroll down and click the Settings link in your Membership tiers section
  3. Choose from the earnings potential or most popular, or select the Your choice option and choose your preferred tier from the dropdown menu
  4. Click Save, and you’re all set - now fans will see your highlighted tier outlined when they view your options

Enabling annual memberships

Creators with charge up front and subscription billing whose accounts are in good standing may enable annual membership to their page. Members can join your tiers annually, paying upon signup and then every year thereafter. If you’re eligible, you can enable annual memberships from your Page settings.

Visit our Annual membership guide to learn more about how annual membership might work for you!

Previewing your page

  • Use the Preview button in your page editor to preview your work as you go. You can also use this button to view your Patreon as the public sees it. An alternate way of viewing your Patreon as the public does is to use the following URL:
  • You can also view your page as a member by visiting your page and clicking the … menu button. Then select member under the Viewing as option


  • Previews have been designed across all formats and tested to get you the best fan-to-member conversion. You cannot customize your locked posts, but you can create audio posts and video post previews.
  • When fans visit your page, they’ll see your monthly tier pricing by default. If you enable annual memberships, they’ll be able to toggle the annual pricing right above your listed tiers.
  • We automatically blur your member-only posts to protect your content. The amount of blur is based on the content type:
    • Image sets are slightly less blurred than individual image posts
    • Text posts include a short preview, with the rest hidden
    • Video previews and video thumbnails are not blurred
    Creators who make 18+ content will always have their content more blurred than content for all audiences. Currently, it's not possible to customize the amount of blur on your posts.

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