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Our mission is to get creators paid – and when we say creators, we mean the global community of creators, no matter where you are located. As a creator on Patreon, you can choose your payout to be in your preferred currency, and your patrons can also choose to pledge in their own local currency.

Your tier prices are converted based on Patreon’s Price Book, in which we use current and historical exchange rates to arrive at an average exchange rate for each currency. For more detailed information, you can read through our guide on currency conversion

Patrons can select their local currency during checkout or they can change their currency for existing pledges in Manage memberships. For detailed steps on how your patrons can do this, you can visit this guide on selecting local payment currency.

Supported currencies and processing rates

You can set your payout currency, accept pledges, and refund pledges in the following currencies below. We're working on supporting more currencies in the near future!
Currency Pay in Payout


Yes Yes


Yes Yes


Yes Yes


Yes Yes
AUD Yes Yes
DKK Yes Yes
NOK Yes Yes
SEK Yes Yes
HKD Yes Yes
SGD Yes Yes
NZD Yes Yes
CZK Yes Yes
HUF Yes Yes
PLN Yes Yes
MXN Yes No
BRL Yes No

You can review our Currency Conversion Price Book for examples of how common tier prices are converted. 

Patrons can choose to pay in any of our supported currencies listed above; however, all pricing will be based on your selected currency. If your patron is paying you in a different currency, a 2.5% conversion fee is applied.
  • Example: Your payout currency is € and a patron pays you in $, a 2.5% conversion fee will be applied. 

You can message patrons to switch their billing currency to your payout currency to avoid this conversion fee. Review our suggested messaging for asking patrons to switch to your currency

Note: For creators with Founder's status, when changing currencies you are moving from the variable Founder's processing fees to the associated payment processing fees related to your new currency choice. This change can not be reversed. Your platform fee stays the same at 5%.

Learn more

To learn more about the different ways you can utilize your preferred currency, please visit the Help Center resources below:

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